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Getting Started With VeriData Pre Employment Screening Services

We're ready to go to work for you, providing comprehensive screening reports on your prospective employees, tenants, or household help. We require a signed service agreement between you and VeriData. We also require a signed disclosure and authorization form that must be completed by your applicant or volunteer before we can begin. The steps below will guide you through the process.

1 – Sign an Account Service Agreement
View Form Online

2 – Have your applicant sign an Authorization Form
View Form Online

3 – Send in your order

Please complete the forms online, then save the completed forms to your computer. Please use the following link to send your files securely:
or you may fax them to 770-271-5571.

Remember, you must comply with the FCRA when using background reports to make hiring decisions.

The following are some good resources on the FRCA:

Using Consumer Reports: What Employers Need to Know
Notice to Users of Consumer Reports
Remedying the Effects of Identity Theft

Employment Screening Best Practices:

1. Be consistent. Don't single out certain people or positions to screen and not screen others.

2. Make it relevant. If you are going to eliminate applicants from consideration due to a criminal offense, be sure that the nature and gravity of the criminal offense is relevant to the nature of the position. You should also consider time passed and completion of the sentence before eliminating applicants from consideration.

3. Document. Be sure to document the guidelines for each position related to the background screen and then consistently follow the guidelines. Your guidelines should be job related and consistent with business necessity.

4. Follow the FCRA. Disclose to applicant that you are performing a background screen. Get a signed Authorization. If you are going to deny a benefit (job) to an applicant, be sure to send the Pre-adverse letter, copy of the report, and Summary of Rights and give the applicant an opportunity to dispute the findings of the report. If nothing changes, don't forget to send the Final Adverse Letter. These letters and forms are available through VeriData's interactive client website.

Not intended as legal advice. Please consult your attorney.


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