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FAQ for Employment Screening & Background Checks

Here are the most frequently asked questions of our customer service representatives. If your question is not answered, please contact us and we will respond promptly to you.

  • Why should I order a social trace when conducting an employee background check?
    If you are going to order state or county criminal background checks, you want to make sure that you have requested records from all the states and counties where the applicant has lived. A social trace provides information about prior residences, even if this was not properly disclosed on the application.

  • How far back do you search?
    County and federal criminal searches cover seven years. Statewide searches vary by state but cover a minimum of seven years.

  • Do you have set up fees or minimum monthly charges?
    No. There are no set up fees or minimum monthly volume requirements. You simply pay for what you request.

  • Who can order Veridata's Services?
    Anyone can order our background screening services as long as there is a legitimate business purpose for obtaining this information. To ensure responsible access to and dissemination of the information provided, you must complete VeriData's Account Service Agreement.

  • How much do VeriData's services cost?
    We offer more than a dozen different types of background checks. The cost of an employment screening depends on the searches you require. For criminal background checks, the number of states and counties will also affect the cost. For an immediate price quote, call toll free at 1-800-787-2675, or complete our contact form and select the background reports you require.

  • What is the method of payment?
    VeriData invoices its clients monthly for requests completed during that billing cycle. We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa, or you can arrange for credit terms of net 25 days.

  • How do I order the service?
    Because of legal and privacy requirements, we require an application form and an applicant's permission before we can conduct a background search. Visit our getting started page to download and print these forms.

  • Can I order a criminal check on my daughter's new boyfriend or my neighbor?
    No. We only provide our services for legitimate business purposes.

  • Are there any rules for how I can use the information you provide me?
    Yes. You must follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act. There are specific procedures you must follow and your applicant has consumer rights that must be respected. Please see our "Getting Started" page.

  • Can I get credit reports from you?
    If you have a legitimate business purpose for ordering credit reports, we can obtain them for you. It will require a set up with our business partner for credit reports and a third party inspection of your facilities for security purposes. Please contact us at (800) 787-2675 for more information.


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