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VeriData Helps You Make Sure Your Next Hire Is The Right Person

Pre-employment screening is critical in America in the 21st Century. Quality screening makes better hiring decisions possible. In turn, good decisions save your company time and money, reduce turnover costs, and limit losses from theft and employee-related negligent hiring lawsuits.

VeriData provides a broad array of services designed to help you make informed decisions about hiring prospective employees. Services can be ordered individually, packaged as a group, or customized to meet your specific requirements.

Criminal Searches
Criminal Searches

County - felony and misdemeanor search in the county of residence or former address

Statewide – criminal search for an entire state (only some states available)

Multi-state – a search of a proprietary criminal database with many jurisdictions (not recommended as a stand-alone search)

Federal -  conducted at the federal district courthouse covering felony convictions.

Social Trace

Verify that your applicant’s Social Security Number is valid. The trace will also indicate the year and state of issue. The search will also show aliases and previous addresses which can help you decide where to search the applicant’s criminal record.

National Sex Offender Search

Verify whether or not your applicant appears in a national registry of sex offenders.


Education - verify dates of attendance and degrees earned from schools, colleges and universities

Employment - contact previous employers to verify dates of employment, position, wages, work history, reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire

Drug Screens
(Panel 5 or 10) - Provided through a national laboratory with facilities in all 50 states. Established VeriData clients direct their applicants to a nearby facility for screening.
Medical Scan

Provides sanction information on healthcare individuals from the following federal sources: Office of Inspector General (OIG), General Services Administration (GSA), Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Debarments, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and Tri-Care (Formerly Champus).

Credit Reports
Credit Reports

Checks the credit history of your applicant through a major provider of credit reports. Credit reports show judgments, liens, bankruptcies, indebtedness, payment history and previous addresses. *Requires setup with a third party and a third party inspection.

Motor Vehicle Records

Provide violations and accident information, suspensions, revocations, status of license and restrictions on the subject person.

Global Terror Scan

Identifies individuals linked to terrorism or otherwise listed on government watch lists, improving compliance with the Patriot Act. Sources include OFAC Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons, FBI Most Wanted Terrorists and Seeking Information, FBI Top Ten Most Wanted, INTERPOL Most Wanted List, and over 100 other data sources from U.S., foreign governments, and international watch list data sources. 

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